About Me

 Where it all started 

"I started playing games really young, I think I was six when I started. Ever since then I've loved video games, ever since my aunt got me an SNES for Christmas. I'd say I'm your average gamer as far as skill goes. When it comes down to my passion for the industry that's where, at least I think, I'm a little above average. I'm a pretty friendly person so if you game on Xbox or Steam you should reach out. My Xbox gamertag is DagumHerpDerpin and my Steam name is GreatCrayons." 


"This is my new found passion. I've only been streaming about a week and the reception has been great. I only pull in a few viewers but we usually have a good time. I usually game with my longtime friend and cousin, it gets pretty nasty but it's all in good fun. My friend Alan and I are both USMC veterans so we game with a lot of prior service and active members of our military.  I think that's why our conversations can get a little weird.


"This is where it all started for me. I loved the idea of watching people play video games and those people getting paid for it. I work on my editing almost daily trying to find new and cool ways to show off my gameplay. I started doing a weekly update where I talk about gaming news but it's been a while since I've uploaded on. I do plan on getting back into the habit of weekly updates though. If you ever end up making your way over to my channel you should check a few of them out."